Tyrannus Israel Tour Rescheduled

The Inspired Travel team would like to thank you for your patience as we have navigated the impact of COVID-19 on your planned course of travel. Not since the invention of modern forms of transportation has a pandemic caused such widespread disruption across the travel market, shutting down all major international centers of tourism and the services employed to see and enjoy them.

We have spent these many weeks diligently and prayerfully at work representing your interests, with the participation and approval of your pastor, negotiating for the best possible outcome with air carriers and land suppliers. In the process we are blessed to report that we have preserved and secured your Tour! We have protected your investment through rescheduling the experience for the dates below:

New Travel Dates:

Tuesday May 4 – Sunday May 16 2021 / 13-day tour

Visit the event web site: Click here

Your participation on the rescheduled tour preserves 100% of your invested funds. Your reservation remains confirmed and has moved to the new travel dates organized with your church leaders. Attached you will find the updated brochure that updates the itinerary, shows identical pricing and details Terms and Conditions.

Deposits, Payments and Pre/Post Plans:

            •Deposits and payments may now resume according to the timeline specified in the reissued brochure

            •All pre/post hotels and private transfers schedule through Inspired Travel must be re-requested Re-requests may be sent to


Thank you again for your patience as we pursued the path forward. Our calling to steward over these pilgrimage experiences we hold with great resolve. We believe travel to the Holy Land travel yields a special weight in eternity for each individual who goes. Both the teams at Inspired Travel and in Israel are very excited to move ahead in the effort to secure your once in a lifetime experience! In His Hands,

-The Inspired Travel Team

“Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed…” -Numbers 24:9