Tyrannus Christian Fellowship Israel Tour 2023

Hosted by   Pastor T Thornton

As you consider taking a tour with Inspired Travel we recognize that you are considering the trip of a lifetime. We also understand the great sacrifices that are often required to make trips like these become a reality. This why we are so Passionate about bringing you the very best these locations have to offer.

Travel Dates:

Tuesday April 25 – Sunday May 7 2023 / 13-day tour

For Tour details and registration please visit the event web site: Click here


When you entrust to us the privilege of planning and delivering your 'Trip of a Lifetime', We commit to work diligently to ensure your experiences are as fulfilling and as memorable as they can be. Our calling to steward over these pilgrimage experiences we hold with great resolve. We believe travel to the Holy Land travel yields a special weight in eternity for each individual who goes. Both the teams at Inspired Travel and in Israel are very excited to move ahead in the effort to secure your once in a lifetime experience! In His Hands,

-The Inspired Travel Team

“Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed…” -Numbers 24:9